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Eagles Mentioned In Jacksonville's News

Posted Tuesday, September 21, 2010 by Rick Scoppe, Jacksonville Daily News

Jacksonville gets past Southwest in soccer

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No. 1 Cardinls win 3-0

The Daily News

Maybe it was the impending Coastal 3-A Conference game tonight against unbeaten West Craven.

Or maybe it was that Southwest gave as good as it got.

Whatever the reason, top-ranked Jacksonville didn’t play particularly well in the first half, its only goal on a penalty kick by senior Patrick Lynch. But the Cardinals, a man up the entire second half, scored two goals — one by Lynch and a second by Warren Washington off an assist from Lynch — to defeat the Stallions 3-0 Monday night in a nonconference match.

“We didn’t play real well in the first half,” Jacksonville coach Dave Miller said. “It was sloppy. We didn’t connect. Defensively, they were giving us the flanks and we really didn’t do a good job attacking the flanks.”

But in the second half the Cardinals (9-0-1) produced more scoring chances thanks to more precise passing.

“That’s what we talked about at halftime,” Miller said. “We’re capable of doing that and playing like that. The problem is just getting the guys focused and coming out and starting off a game like that.

“That’s kind of been one of our problems, starting out slow and not taking an early lead and kind of running with it. I keep telling the boys we can’t keep letting teams hang around. The longer you let teams hang around, the more they think they can play with you.”

Were the Cardinals looking ahead to today’s home match against No. 9 West Craven (10-0)?

“Maybe a little bit,” Miller said, adding, however, his club did a better job in the second half creating scoring chances by “attacking the flanks, getting behind, putting balls in and creating opportunities, which is something we really didn’t do the first half.

“I was much happier with the effort in the second half.”

Lynch’s penalty kick after a foul by Matt Williams was the Cardinals’ only goal of the first half, a goal Lynch said was undeserved.

“That was a pretty bad goal. It shouldn’t really have been a foul,” Lynch said. “So we didn’t deserve that goal.”

Despite being down a goal at halftime, the 1-A Stallions (3-6-3) were upbeat at intermission after having not given an inch against the state’s top-ranked 3-A team.

“We felt very good at halftime,” coach John Sweeney said. “We didn’t have shots, but we were getting into the attacking third. We were down there in front of their goal enough and our defense was playing well. We didn’t give them too many really good chances.”

But Southwest’s chances of an upset took a bit hit when Zach Matics was given a red card and ejected with 8:09 left in the first half on a foul against Washington, leaving the Stallions down a man the rest of the game.

Still, it took some time for the Cardinals to find the back of the net.

At 31:18 of the second half, Washington made it 2-0 when he smacked ball into the net after Southwest goalkeeper Danny Prevatte made a diving stop but couldn’t keep the ball from rolling in front of the net.

Then two minutes later Lynch scored on a header.

“We really didn’t keep our composure and stuff in the first half,” Lynch said. “We didn’t really play that good the first half. We were more calm and collected (in the second half). So that’s what basically gave us our goals.”

And it didn’t hurt that they were up a man, which Sweeney said does more than just wear your team down.

“Basically everybody on the field has to work 10 percent harder. The bigger problem is it changes everything you want to do tactically, and it’s tough to make those changes on the fly,” he said. “But I thought they played hard, thought they showed some spirit.

 “After you go a man down, it’s just a struggle. Their ball movement really improved in the second half. There was a lot of flow the last 15, 20 minutes. That’s the benefit of having 11 over 10. You can spread out and use a lot more space that way.”

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